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Cucumber Falls

Cucumber Falls - December 2013
Cucumber Falls – December 2013

Okay this is hard to believe but my third trip to Ohiopyle State Park was Saturday. I’m really glad that i’ve been exploring up there more. Ohiopyle is massive, coming in at 20,500 acres. There is so much to do there, that it can be a little crowded. Maybe that’s why i’ve stayed away for so long. But the natural beauty just can’t be beat, the place is just breathtaking. Of course the jewel of Ohiopyle is the Youghiogheny River Gorge. From the whitewater rapids to Ohiopyle’s many waterfalls. One such waterfall is Cucumber Falls. A buddy of mine came out late Saturday afternoon. It was really nice being able to just hang out and take photo’s. One the other hand, we both forgot our gloves and it was cold! Though not as cold as you’d think, however, my camera bag did freeze. I could’ve spent the entire day photographing Cucumber Falls. Cucumber Falls is at least a 40ft drop waterfall and the water in the basin was really high, perfect for photos. Another visitor told my buddy this was the most water he’d ever seen! Crazy! Cucumber Falls basin is huge and it flows right into the Youghiogheny. This makes for many interesting shots. First thing I did was to check out a few different spots to find a view I liked. This included climbing over lots of boulders. The ones closest to the falls were iced over. The falls were spraying mist like mad. I chose to try to take a shot from up close. I knew I was gonna get one chance. After that, I and my gear would be drenched! It was fun and cold. Probably wasn’t the best idea to start off so close, considering everything was wet, from my gear to my bag to me. But that’s the fun of it. After I dried my gear and took photo’s of the rapids jumping from the rocks below. I fought water on my gear the entire time, but that’s okay. That’s part of the challenge. Finally with a little creativity and a little help from my buddy, I found a way to climb into the rock pile in the middle of the basin. I had enough room up there to get a few different and interesting compositions. Water rushing at my feet the entire time. All and all it was a super fun outing and I can’t wait to go back!

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