SLB Photography

Moonlight in Westmoreland

Some places are just so peaceful that the time spent there is treasured among friends. A few times a year we like to get away and spend a night or two at our friends member only lake. It’s always a good time just building a fire, getting on some food and talking until late in the night. This is one of the places I look forward to walking around the lake and capturing sunset and the stars. This night was so clear that there wasn’t much of a sunset but the starts started to come out as the evening drew on. The moon was almost full and it shone the brightest light I’ve ever seen. So bright I was worried that the stars wouldn’t shine as bright, but they did! I was able to capture several shots and didn’t need my headlamp, that’s how beautiful the moon was. The moon light sprinkled on the lake below really captured my imagination. It was so peaceful and beautiful listening to the bullfrogs (They are loud, but comforting in a way) and the birds in the brush. Another wonderful trip to the lake!

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