SLB Photography

Kayaking the Loyalhanna

Today was a beautiful day to be out on the water with the family. The clouds looked like they would open up and drop rain at any time on us, but they didn’t. We put our kayaks in at a quiet boat launch on the Loyalhanna Creek. I didn’t see too many people around though it was early. We didn’t see any folks on motor boats in the section we were in. The water was calm and nice. About one mile into our paddle was this beautiful rock formation that had been weathered by years of wind. Further down from that I found a small waterfall coming down from the woodland forest about. It was a beautiful calming sound and a nice place to cozy up with the kayak for a bit. Shortly after I think we took an unexpected wrong turn that ended up being really fun. We found this beautiful cove with a rocky stream pouring into the creek, the fog just in that one area over the rocks and water was really neat to see. I tried to paddle as close as possible to make a photo but was afraid to get hung up on the rocks. It truly was a site to see though. Continuing on we cut through a little area after finding our route was a dead-end. The water was so high that it reminded me of being in swamp land in the South with trees and trunks just coming up from the water. On the way back the clouds lifted and the sun came out. This made for another nice paddle back to were we dropped in. Moving along the same route there were these beautiful islands created by the water being so high. Once again passing the huge rock formation before floating back to shore. Padding was so peaceful and I had a great time spending on the water with family. Taking to the water was a great way to see things that you can’t normally see.

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