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Pennsylvania Streams - Linn Run - Forbes State Forest - Stream Study

Linn Run – Stream Study – Fall 2018

Streams are often overlooked, in my opinion. I like a good stream, there is nothing better than sitting next to or even in a good stream! Water in general has a peaceful healing effect to me. So there are often times I go out and do what I call a stream study. I really should talk more about these. Streams can be messy (like my head, often times), I like to see the flow, or lack there of,  at any given season. I like to watch how the water slams into the huge boulders or trickles between fallen leaves and branches. Sometimes these dam up the stream, the water will then divert.

This is Linn Run Creek in Linn Run State Park actually the park is part of Forbes State Forest. This half is in the State Forest. The first dusting of fresh snow. The leaves are gone, many of them have collected behind rocks and cannot break free. The flow was amazing this day. I can’t wait to check things out when winter really gets going!

Pennsylvania Streams - Linn Run - Forbes State Forest
Linn Run Creek


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