SLB Photography

Seneca Point

I just got back from a little stay in Cook Forest State Park. I had a few days off of work so I decided to rent a cabin. Lots of things have been going on and my mind needed some quiet. Well quiet it got. The forest gives us counsels we often cannot hear over the rumble of everyday life. I know I say that often and often I seek them out. I arrived Thursday mid-day, I stayed in one of the rustic cabins built by the CCC in the 1930’s, how cool! Once I got settled in I planned a route for sunset. I had wanted to see other parts of Cook Forest. I was already familiar with the Forest Cathedral area. I was reading a lot about Seneca Point and the Cook Forest fire tower. I swear i’ve been to the tower before, but do not remember Seneca Point. I arrived and had the place all to myself. I was very early for sunset, so I decided to climb the 80 foot tower. The lookout at the very top was locked so I hung out on the deck below. It was windy! To say the least, but I got treated to a show from five eagles. They were majestic in the way they floated in air. I didn’t try to photograph them. Just enjoyed the show. After climbing back down I headed over to Seneca Point to check things out. Seneca Point looks out over the Clarion River, at an impressive 850 ft above. The clouds were rolling in, in the late afternoon, I saw sun rays streaming through the clouds. I knew sunset would be a good one. The area is kind of tough. The edges are fenced off and the sandstone rocks are uneven. Towering pine trees were created a window of sorts over the valley. The rest of the trees have not started to bloom, the area was a little bare in the valley. But those pines more than made up for it. Finally, I found the spot I wanted to shoot from and got setup. Shortly after the sunset started to set. I watched how it came out from behind the clouds. The sky turning a lovely color of orange,pink, and blue. It dropped fast behind the ridges, illuminating the sky. It was a beautiful show.

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