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This is the Heppenstall Pittsburgh site. The company was founded in 1889, by Sam Heppenstall. I believe he got his start forging steel for shear knives. Sam was elected president of the company in 1898, which he held until 1923. At that time he was named Chairman of the Board and remained so until his death in 1931. Under Heppenstall and his family, the company diversified. The 1930’s were Heppenstall’s heyday. The company re-invented itself many times over, and were know as good employment. However, with rising costs, the plant laid off their worker in 1979. The building lay vacant since.

This photo is the back of the building that housed the offices. The field is where the warehouse once stood. I’ve never been able to see the inside and the property is pretty much fenced off, except for the parking lot out front. The URA of Pittsburgh released a development plan in 2009. At this time, I think someone has bought the building. Although I am not sure. Beautiful graffiti is still visible on the outer walls and the remaining building itself.  Recently, the letters at the top have come down. I do not know why lay in store for them. I hope they are re-purposed in some way. To me they are iconic of Lawrenceville in many ways. I’ve heard rumors that the letters will be restored and quite possibly put back on top of the building.

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  1. My Dad worked there as a laborer and the overhead crane operator for the electrical department, before being laid off in the early 70s.

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