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Chicago Train Yard


I got back from Chicago a week ago. I went to visit a near and dear friend of mine, whom I haven’t seen since she moved. We had a blast! It was my first time ever to Chicago and all I gotta say is…Whatta town! It’s laid back. We had an excellent time bumming around the city, being all touristy and not so touristy. Of course we went to all the main attractions (except for Navy Pier). We went to Millennium Park, Art Institute of Chicago, John Hancock building, Willis Tower, Michigan Ave, Chicago Botanical Gardens, and of course, the beach. On the non-touristy side, we went to my favorite coffee shop, Intelligensia (multiple locations actually). She showed me around Evanstown, Wrigleyville, Lincoln Park, among many other neighborhoods. Each having their own look and feel. Which was cool, because that reminded me of Pittsburgh.

I cannot thank CS enough! Thank you so much for taking me around and indulging on my little photo adventures!

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