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Nov 1981

St. Peter and Paul Parochial School – Abandoned

This is St. Peter and Paul Parochial School. From what I can find about it, the school was started by the Sisters of Divine Providence. The sisters established themselves at Saints Peter and Paul Parish 1876. Though the Church and the school sit on the same property. I am unable to find much information about the school. The Church closed in 1992, I  can only guess that’s when the school closed as well.

As my friends and I explored the location, I couldn’t help but to try to pretend a time when kids ran up and down the middle stairwell. Daydreaming out of the huge bright windows or playing basketball in the gym. Some of the rooms looked like people just up and left for the last day of school in June, and sadly never returned in September. We found lesson plans, music books, a floppy disk!! It felt like stepping back in time. All the while the building itself was breathtaking. It would be awesome if this place was re-purposed. I know the area’s main street is going through re-vitalization. This is close-by, believe it or not. The buildings bones are in good condition, I could see this place being used for apartments. One thing is for sure, it’s a beautiful, historic building.

One last thing: The Church on the property was the same one used in the movie Dogma. I bet the school was used for the actors and workers on set. How cool is that?



2 thoughts on “St. Peter and Paul Parochial School – Abandoned

  1. An interesting story, with good pix. Old buildings, no matter what they were in real life, are fascinating places to explore and to imagine what went on there. I hope this one gets a better life soon!

    1. Thank you Janina. Yes! Old buildings are wonderful views into our past. I sure do hope this building gets a new lease on life!

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