SLB Photography

Slippery Rock Cascades

The Slippery Rock Gorge trail is among one of my favorite trails in the state! There is always something new and it’s fun to explore when the seasons change. Winter/Spring/Fall/Summer each bring their own beauty and aesthetics to the trail. We had a mild winter this year. I was both happy for this and sad in a way. This photo was taken the day after Christmas 2015. It was really warm that day and a little rainy. It was the perfect spring-y weather and I was happy to get out.

This trail has so much to offer. It’s a challenging hike that has many nooks and crannies along the way. I wanted to make it out to the previous furtherest spot I have before. In that spot is a little waterfall, tucked behind the trail that you can easily miss if not paying attention. I like that spot in the hillside. There is a fallen tree and hidden waterfall that is visually pleasing and challenging to photograph. I did make it there and was able to take a photo that I am much happier with then the one I got last time. On the way back I decided to follow the creek instead of the trail. I knew where it would lead and there is a vast area along the creek to explore. Along the way I found a series of cascades that I’ve never explored before. They were all within a mile along the same route and lead to an area where I knew I wanted to have lunch. I like flat cascades like these. They always make neat shapes in the creek as the water flows over the rocks. I spend some time here with these and I am quite happy with how they turned out. I also matched a personal goal hitting this spot. Slippery Rock Gorge is a long trail so I was happy to know I can make it to this spot and next time it will be motivation to go further.

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