SLB Photography

Cook Forest Trails

I’ve been spending more and more time in Cook Forest since I re-discovered it last November. For a while it was my winter wonderland. Now it’s becoming my spring oasis. Each adventure leads me down the path or well, trail rather to new nature experiences. From thick dark forest cathedrals, to flowing brooks, streams, and glens. To various vegetation in the forest. Each hike is a new delight. I recently rented a cabin to stay for a few days. I wanted to find a new trail. One that I hadn’t been on before. I planned a loop route that would take me to some of the most isolated areas of the park. Just what I needed! Along the way I would pass through old growth forests and three streams with small natural waterfalls. ┬áIt would also take me on a half section of the NCT. A series of routes which i’m planning on doing as day-hikes in the near future. So I was excited. From the trail head I took an unnamed path behind the environmental center. About half way I made a right on to Hefern Trail. Hefern ascends to meet Dear Meadow, which then drops onto Browns Run. Browns run follows the stream for which it was named. Here is where many of the small waterfalls and cascades are. Here is where I spent most of my time enjoying the sounds of the rushing water.

When I reached this section of the trail it was a little past mid-day and the sun was high. Not normally the time I’d be out photographing. However, there are times when this is perfect. Especially when photographing under the thicket of the forest. The sun is often blocked out by the trees. I can usually find nice even light without the colors being washed out. This is often when I’ll break out the polarizer or the 10-stop ND filter. I often use the ND filter to achieve the long silky water. I like the way the captures feel like a soft veil of water as it flows over rocks and logs. Which is exactly what I did for the capture above. I spend a lot of time at this brook. I enjoyed the sounds of the water and birds chirping away in the mid afternoon. It was a good spot for a light lunch before continuing on my way back to the trail head.

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