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Coopers Rock State Forest

Scott’s Run Trail

Scott’s Run Trail is a 2.7 out and back that can be turned into a 4.5 mile loop. I was looking for a cool trail to do while my wife ran the Coopers Rock Half Marathon and 50k race. Initially I wanted to stay out of the way of the runners but then also decided at the last minute it would be cool to capture my wife as she ran by. Scott’s Run sounded awesome by the descriptions I found and by the time the runners got there they would be well spread out. I wanted to find a stream or some water feature since last time we hiked Coopers Rock we went to Rock City and Mavens Overlook, both well worth the hike! I talked to one of the race volunteers when I asked about the Scott’s Run trailhead, there were two and I wanted to get started quickly, luckily I was just across from one, starting at the camping grounds. The trail started off with crushed pebbles, I descended down to a tiny creek crossing before heading back up before the trail flattened out again. That quickly turned into a steep rocky section and at the bottom I made left to continue on. From here I saw Scott’s Run, the trails namesake stream. I saw a nice set of water features and decided to head off trail to photograph them. I saw deer and bear tracks but the animals were long gone. I was shooting into the sun which were just above the tree tops shining down into the water. The glare was tough but it was such a nice shot I couldn’t pass it up. I stayed down here for 30 minutes or so before I saw some runners making their way on the trail above. Now was time to climb back to the trail and try to get a nice shot of my wife running by. Unfortunately, with all of her recent training and hard work, she was faster than I expected and zoomed right past me on the trail, only with time for a quick ‘Hello!’ Oh well there will be more chances, I’m sure. After that I hightailed it back up the trail and it was a steep climb from where I was. I didn’t realize that I was at least 2 miles in, didn’t seem like it. I had hoped to catch her crossing the finish line, but I missed that too. She was waiting for me but only for 5-10 minutes. All and all it was a beautiful morning and I really enjoyed the hike on Scott’s Run. We’ll definitely be back and I can finish the trail and explore the other interesting trails at the park.

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  1. Dana thank you for sharing, so sweet. The picture is beautiful and Stacys comments about you truly show you two are devoted to each other. Donna Belloma

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