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Laurel Hill Lake before rain.

Laurel Hill Lake

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about change. Change is scary and the world usually fights change. Change is good though, as scary as it may be! You have an A, your starting point. You have a B, your vision, but getting to C is difficult! I like to think I handle change pretty well. I can’t really say it that is in fact true. One thing I do know is that nature and photography are a part of me. Those two things help me make sense of the world around me both close to home and far and wide. It helps me understand. So then why has it been such hard work to go make a photograph? Well … change of course. Over the past 6 months I’ve changed my day job, which was a good change albeit stressful one. Even so, it puts me on the path professionally I’d like to be on. Second, my family has changed. It’s been a rewarding experience, although stressful at times. I’ve made decisions to give my time to them. They often enjoy getting out for a good hike but that also means hiking at a normal person time of day! Being a landscape photographer, I’m not accustomed to going out at a normal time of day.

Fall has finally arrived, I think, seeing as tomorrow is forecast for 70 degrees and it’s November!!! Last weekend I got a wonderful opportunity to wake up at 5:00am and drive out to the Laurel Highlands. My partner was running a race at Seven Springs. Start time was 8am. Once I saw her run off up the mountain, it was time to head over to Laurel Hill State Park. It was cloudy and overcast with rain coming. Perfect conditions! I only had a short time before I had to be back at the finish line. I headed down to Laurel Hill Lake. There was a little bit of fog left over on the lake. I immediately noticed these strong pops of yellow against some of the green. As always I took my time to enjoy the silence. That wonderful silence. I let it wash over me and welcome me back to nature. It was a wonderful experience. I felt alive and refreshed!

I also headed out to Jones Mill Run Dam. I like the hike, it’s an easy hike on the Pump House Trail. It’s really easy 25 minute hike to the dam. The path is a gravel path, wide, and well marked, wide. I had the place to myself the entire time, which is rare since this really is a good hike for the whole family. I suspect the threat of rain kept some folks away. I spent my time here enjoying the beautiful display of golds on the trees and listening to the watch crash over the dam. Truly a wonderful way to start the day!

Laurel Hill State Park
Fall colors at Jones Mill Run Dam
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