SLB Photography

Holiday at Phipps

Good Evening everyone. The holidays are my favorite times of the year. Perfect for night and long exposure photography. Homes and businesses are decorated in the most festive colors. One of my favorites is definitely Phipps Conservatory! They go way out every year, it’s always beautiful. As if I am not already deeply in love with the architecture of Phipps. I become more-so around the holidays. The building is decorated inside and out, and they always decorate the outdoor gardens. Driving home tonight, I noticed the beautiful entrance way. I just had to stop and take some photo’s. Luckily, I had my gear in the car. Although there will be many more opportunities to photograph Phipps this holiday season. Tonight was the first time I’ve seen the 2012 holiday entrance. Stopped dead in my tracks.

What I did not realize is that they were still open when I was taking these photo’s. Every once and a while people would leave and walk up the long pathway. Luckily I noticed them before they noticed me, so I had to really pat attention while bracketing my shots. for all of you technical folks out there. My settings were as follows:

  • ISO 80
  • F/16
  • 5 second shutter speed.
  • Bracketed 5 shots +2ev to -2ev
  • Tripod

I’ve really been pushing the ISO down as of late while I am on a tripod at night. I’ve really been digging the look. Again, this is purely my preference, and you may prefer to use a higher ISO and adjust your f-stop and shutter speed accordingly. Again, when shooting at night it’s all personal preference. So play with your settings. Have fun! Stay warm!

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