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McConnell's Mill

Hell’s Hollow

I’ve got serious cabin fever! It started to take hold early March. Now I know March is never very warm but we have our days when Spring pokes it’s head out. This year it seemed old man winter wouldn’t let go. I just had one of those years where I got anxious to be outside in semi good weather. Winter seemed long and we got more snow this year then the past few. The temps were frigid and all I wanted to do was be cuddle up with my Fiancé and cats under a warm blanket next to fire. The last weekend of March was one of those days that Spring was tried to poke it’s head out. The day was crisp 50s and it felt really good to be outside. Light misty rain was coming down and as I got to Portersville it turned to snow but it was the wet snow and didn’t last long. I decided to head to Hells Hollow. It’s of course been a while since I’ve been there and last time I was there, the falls were so high that they flooded out the basin of the falls. I started off my hike with my new pack. I wanted a break-in hike and this was a nice one. Hell’s Hollow isn’t very long of a trail but it’s a nice walk. When I got to the Flume I saw how high the water was running. I knew the falls would be flooded out. Sure enough I was right. The water was so high at the bottom of the falls that it came up and flooded the bottom 4 steps leading down into the falls area basin. No way I was getting to the bottom. I stopped and took it in and noticed that I could make my way to the middle section of Hell’s Hollow. It was really cool being right there next to the falls like that. The sound of the high water fall over the edge was loud. It was slightly misting from the falls and from the rain. Very cool experience that resulted in the first photograph I’ve made of Hell’s Hollow that I really like. I hope you do too. It was an awesome day and the water was incredble at McConnell’s Mill that day. The new pack felt really good and makes me just want to keep hiking more and more. It was an awesome way to close out March and finally welcome Spring!

Stay tuned for more!

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