Dense fog on LHHT
Bald Eagle State Forest

Poe Valley State Park

We had an amazing time exploring the Bald Eagle State Park area! Bald Eagle State Park is one of the many state parks within the Bald Eagle State Forest Area. We enjoyed a very wet weekend which led us to do a lot more exploring then we would have normally done! We setup Friday night and was able to get a good fire going to enjoy and make dinner. Shortly after we went to bed the rain started … and never stopped! I love the rain and love photographing in the rain, but have to admit I was a little under prepared. We woke up early to try to figure out where to go. I knew no sunrise of any kind was happening. We decided to grab some coffee at this little coffee shop we saw on the way in. When we arrived, to our surprise it was a full scale diner! We had the most unexpected delicious breakfast! We also met the campground host who chatted with us a little bit and told us of some of the cooler spots. I also realized that Rosecrans Falls was nearby and had to check it out! I know to stay on the public side of the trail and please respect the private property. We got all the way to the spot overlooking both falls in the area. This was the private property side, so we took a few quick snaps and left. The way over to the falls on the public property side was a fast flowing stream that came up to our waists. It was impassable. From there we decided to check out some of the covered bridges in the area. We went to the towns of Millheim and Coburn where we found an awesome coffee shop to warm up in. After grabbing some java we decided to go to Penn’s View and Bell’s Majestic Overlooks. The first overlook we hit up was Bell’s Majestic. It was beautiful with fog drifting in and out from the rain. The rain was a slight drizzle when we arrived stopping a short time later. The pops of green from the surrounding area stood out against the wispy fog floating about. The next stop was Penn’s View, though we missed the easy route on the mountain and went through Poe Paddy and Poe Valley and that’s where this shot was taken. The rain started again and I had glimpsed some nice water flow in the creek below the road. That happened to be at when the two creeks met. We pulled over, I jumped out of the car, climbed over embankment and setup for this shot. I love the lushness of it. The pops of Green and red. We never made it to Penn’s View, sadly… we found the road we were looking for that led up to it. It was steep and rock covered and even in the vehicle we had with a lot of clearance I didn’t feel comfortable. So that will have to wait until next time!

SLB Photography
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