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I’m always thinking about my work. It’s difficult for me to define. Yes, I take a lot of photos of water. I’m drawn to it. I like to think we work well together. Ebb and flow of sorts. So does that define my work or me? I don’t know. I think mostly when I set out to make a photo I look for something simple. Something that speaks to me, the elements speak to me. It’s not about the sunsets and sunrises, however beautiful they are. The elements…to me the elements define nature herself. Maybe that is natures way to make things simple.

I was reading an inspiration post from Ian Plante over on his dreamscapes blog about defining his work and this got me thinking. He’s right, it’s not about the Facebook likes, or the Google Plus one’s or Twitter’s retweets. Sure those things are nice but those things don’t define your work. I think when I’m out creating work, I’m looking to deliver the simple beauty of the location I am in. I hope you will find the simple beauty in nature. I don’t know if that’s what defines my work. But it’s the message I’m trying to deliver. Simplicity in our not so simple world.

2 thoughts on “Defining Work

  1. I think you are so right! If you make images that you think everyone else will like they will look like averyone else’s images. If you make them for yourself you might well have a smaller audience but they will be your audience that wants to see your work in particular. Far preferable I think! I really like your thoughts.

    1. Thank you Howard. I’ve been thinking of this concept for a long time. In a day and age when anyone can take a photo of anything, it’s important to remember why you’re taking the photo. Many photos I take may or may not be liked by anyone else, but that will never stop me from taking it.

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