Dense fog on LHHT

D600 ISO Test

So i’ve been playing with the new Nikon D600 for about a week now. So far I am happy with my new camera choice. It’s a beast compared to what I was shooting with. I’m going to be running it through a series of tests over the next few weeks and will post my findings. The first test I did was the ISO test. My last camera I couldn’t push it above ISO 800 without disastrous results and unusable photo’s.

Setup for the test.

subject: Spices

white balance РWhite Fluorescent (This is due to being indoors on a rainy morning, in my office.)

Tripod mounted.

ISO’s tested: 100, 200, 400, 640, 800, 1000, 1600, 2500, 4000, 6400

I’ve posted the zoomed in cropped versions of the ISO test. I have to say that I am very impressed with the ISO of this camera. Even at ISO 6400 the photo’s would be useable. I wouldn’t necessarily make prints from them, but very useable on the web or FB. Noise isn’t noticeable present to the naked eye until ISO 1600, and even then it’s minor. The D600 renders beautiful files that are quite usable and impressive at high ISO’s. I would have no fear using a high ISO at night for hand-holding or tripod work. Please note, that these were taken as JPG’s because adobe has not released NEF (RAW) support for the D600 yet.


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