Dense fog on LHHT

Cole Run Falls 2018


Laurel Highlands
Cole Run Falls – August 2018

Cole Run Falls is one of the most beautiful places in Forbes State Forest. Cole Run Falls is on the edge of Forbes State Forest, once you arrive it’s not far off the trail head. The falls are roughly only 20’ ft high but make a stunning 90 degree turn after the main falls. The underbrush alongside the falls make this a beautiful and peaceful place, despite being close to where you parked. I left early enough and the plan was to hit the Spruce Flats Bog for sunrise then head over to Cole Run. I didn’t realize that the road through Linn Run State Park was still blocked. The time that I allotted for the short hike to the bog and setup was eaten up by my alternate route into Forbes State Forest, so I decided to head straight to Cole Run. I haven’t been here since the Winter 2015. It looked incredible different in the middle of summer then in that winter. Shortly after I arrived it began to rain. I knew it was going to rain but I was still unprepared. I thought I could take shelter under one of the many overhangs but it didn’t matter. I decided to wait the rain out in the car and took a little nap until it stopped.

After the rain I setup at the bottom of the falls to capture the 90 degree turn and the underbrush. I moved along to spent a lot of time making photos of the falls from everywhere I could imagine. The place was stunning and peaceful and felt off the beaten path. I was able to let my mind wonder and just make photos. It’s been a long time and much needed to be able to just be with the landscape. A light drizzle started again and once it stopped I noticed some light wispy fog come in at the top of the falls. As fast as it came in, it was gone. The forest can provide wonderful glimpses. I enjoyed ever minute out there!

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