SLB Photography

Summer Sunrise at Keystone State Park

It has been so long since I went out to capture sunrise! Sunrise is to me one of those magical times. It doesn’t matter if there is some spectacular color with clouds speckled in the sky or a bland sunrise with no color at all. Each one shows us something special. Either something inside our selves as we sit in the quiet of the morning or something special that mother nature decides to share. There is something to be said knowing that each sunrise marks the beginning of a new day. Clean slate. We get a chance to start over. I think that is why I miss capturing those moments. Being there at the beginning to witness a new day.

I sometimes forget about Keystone Lake State Park. It’s so close, yet often overlooked. For me, the highlight is of course, Keystone Lake. The last time I was here it was a beautiful November morning, Thanksgiving, in fact. I didn’t realize it then, that I was walking in the middle of the lake! At the time I knew the lake was low. It wasn’t until my most recent visit that I realized just how low it actually was. Either way, I always like to see how a place changes over time. Even if it’s just a week or two, there is always something that is different. That’s the way in nature. This time the banks were clearly defined by the water. It was a hazy humid morning and there was light steam coming off the lake. Sunrise wasn’t stunning but then again it wasn’t about the sunrise!

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