Dense fog on LHHT

PA Grand Canyon

Colton Creek State Park
Pine Creek Gorge

Did you know that Pennsylvania has a Grand Canyon? Colton Point State Park and Leonard Harrison State Park make up the East and West Rims of the Canyon. Pine Creek cuts through the middle forming the gorge. The National Park Service’s designation of the gorge as a National Natural Landmark notes that it “is one of the finest examples of a deep gorge in the Eastern United States.”

The two days that I spent there were very overcast and cloudy. No sunrise or sunset to speak of, I was disappointed. However, that didn’t stop me from going back during the day. The cloudy second day was perfect to catch some dramatic clouds. Spring is just around the corner and the pockets of green were from the pines. It was a comfortable 50-55 degrees but there was still some chill in the air, especially when the wind blew from the top of the point. It was still a nice day to get a hike in and lots of folks were out kayaking or canoeing in the gorge, if you look close you can see four kayakers out there! I was hoping to see the Bald Eagles while I was there, especially up that high from the overlook. However, I saw Turkey Vultures, and lots of them! One got so close while I was shooting that I heard the “swoosh” sound from it’s wings as it landed on the rocks right in front of me! Ugly thing with it’s big red head but cool to see!

Overall it was a wonderful weekend. I’m so happy I got to experience the PA Grand Canyon and I cannot wait to go back. The area is beautiful and can easily rival any place out West. The towns along the way that make up the PA Grand Canyon are quaint and Historic. The Pine Creek Gorge and PA Grand Canyon area offered a vast range of activities, including hiking rugged hillsides, waterfalls, views, and of course the Gorge itself.

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