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Gentle morning at Lake Arthur

A few weeks ago I spent some time early in the morning at Lake Arthur. Like many of us I was searching for some silence and solitude. The lake provided the perfect backdrop, mist rose from the waters, quiet chirps from the waking birds and the occasional fish jumping provided the morning soundtrack. It was beautiful and inspiring to take in, especially in these overwhelming times. This was a chance to just be in nature and give my mind a rest and take in the amazing morning. A chance to celebrate the absence of distractions and irritating sounds that seem to surround us all a lot more these days. Everything that more felt fresh, the scent of the fresh air, the gentle water hitting the shore, the fish jumping making a pleasing ‘thunk.’

I walked around the area taking this all in watching the sun rise. The light starting to hit the trees on the mountain in front of me. The quick vibrant pastels fading in the sky. The light becomes warm on my back and summons me to run to the dock to capture sun rays. It was here I realized this was the perfect position to capture the sun rising in the sky next to this little island. I’m filled with gratefulness to be able to have this experience, right when it was needed the most. It was the reset switch I desperately needed.

Sunburst over small island

Morning mist rising from the lake

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