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A short Hello


Welcome to my photoblog/portfolio site. I’m Stacy! I’m born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. While I do travel, nothing comes close to my hometown. Pittsburgh is rich in history, architecture, and arts, which I love to make the focus of my photography.

My story with a camera goes a little like this. 7 years ago, I fell in love with a little mischievous┬ástriped kitten, with a little patch of orange on her head. When I brought her home she was aptly named Gretchen. Unfortunately, at the age of 3 she became ill. It really wasn’t fair- she was too young! Her kidney failed and I had to put her down. I was heart-broken, only to become even more so when I realized I only had a few pictures of her. How could this be? She was so much a part of my life and I only had a handful of photos. It was a shame! 6 months later a new little guy came into my life. Immediately I bought a camera- a dinky little point-and-shoot. I took his picture everyday, and still do! I’ve come a long way since that first camera. My passion for photography only grew larger from there. Today, it’s an obsession!

Much of my work is shot in HDR. I don’t shoot strictly in this style, but a lot of what I am photographing looks better this way. HDR is an either you like it or your don’t kinda thing. I like the process because I feel it’s closer to what the eye sees in real life.






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