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Maurice K Goddard State Park

Maurice K Goddard State Park

It’s tough getting out of a warm cozy bed at 4:15am. Especially when the sunrise map was forecasting a possible sunrise that could be those beautiful reds, oranges, and pinks or could just be a cloudy blue. The drive in front of me was an hour and a half and I was out the door at 4:30am. I arrived at Maurice K Goddard State Park just a few minutes before 6:00am. I targeted the marina for it’s nice piers and walked to the end of the last one because the light from over head didn’t quite reach that far. I setup and I waited. I knew I wasn’t in for a show, it was raining on the drive up, I could see the heavy clouds on the way. When I arrive it was little more than a drizzle but nonetheless I found a nice spot at the end of a pier. Got myself all setup and watch the deep blues unfold before me. It was cold and I wasn’t dressed for low 40’s, nonetheless standing there on that beautiful morning listening to the sounds of the birds wake-up. It was dark and peaceful and made me excited. I hung out there for 30 minutes or so before I decided to go back and start exploring this new State Park. Since the park is completely around Lake Wilhelm I wanted to explore more options for getting close to shore for other outings for sunrise or sunset, both would be beautiful here. On my way I spotted a bog right next to the road with a pull off. So I decided to check it out and hopped over the road rail to grab a few shots. Bogs are so interesting. Such a unique habitat for frogs, birds, and countless other little creatures. I continued on to another boat launch and eventually to the trailhead for multi-purpose loop around the lake. I didn’t hike too far down but did find a nice stream before heading back to the car to check out one last thing. I headed to the Fall Run Natural Trail. I wanted to hike a bit before I went home and this was a nice 0.7 loop, so I figured, why not? I was not possibly prepared for the glorious waterfall I would find there! I was absolutely giddy with joy! I knew the trail enclosed a stream around it but that’s all I knew. It started out passing old remnants of a logging community, the Spring House sat just off the trail was neat with water rushing under it and rocks to use as stepping stones. Continuing on the path went through a densely wooded hemlock grove. I stopped here to take a photo and saw my first tick in years crawling on my arm! Yuck I do not like ticks! I could hear water rushing up ahead and when I got there I was completely blown away. It was the most beautiful forest steam. I spent a lot of time here before moving on. I could’ve made my way up and down that stream to make photographs. A few yards up the way was the foot bridge with another set of cascades rushing underneath. Again I stopped to make photos here of the cascades under the foot bridge. It was just a short walk back to the car from here. It was almost 10:00am and I’d been on this little trail since 8:00. It was time to head back. This was a beautiful gem of a trail in a lovely park. I cannot wait to go back as I find myself often saying and it’s within a reasonable distance from home. The fresh crisp air was exactly what was needed to center for the rest of the week. I very much enjoyed my time here.

Falling Run at MKG State Park
Falling Run

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