Dense fog on LHHT
Laurel Highlands Bog

Winter in the Laurel Highlands

Snowy conditions, arctic wind, a cabin in the woods, and relaxation. 2022 did not start particularly well and just a few weeks in it was nice to hit the reset button. Nice to be in nature and let the silence begin to heal my soul on the inside. I love visiting the Laurel Highlands and this spot in particular is very unique. Most of you know this is the Spruce Flats Bog, it’s a rare high elevation bog that millions of years ago was a pond that got filled in. These are rare occurrences anywhere and we are very lucky as Pennsylvanians to have one within our state. There are very rare species of flora that can tolerate the acidic nature of the bog. This is a stunning spot no matter what the weather but in the winter can be unforgivingly windy, as evidenced by the trees along the edge of the bog. Snow will often be picked up and blown around the bog creating a “snowstorm” on the bog. I love visiting the bog no matter what the season, but especially in the winter, I often enjoy the quiet, still-quiet, with the only thing to hear in the wind blowing over the bog and swirling around the trees. There is a boardwalk that gives a unique view with benches that I could sit on for hours. The view is stunning and to me one of the most beautiful places in all of Forbes State Forest. It’s truly a gem.

Please treat the forest with respect, at this trail a boardwalk is provided, stay on it as to not damage the rare and unique plants that call this bog home.

SLB Photography
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