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Ricketts Glen State Park Fall 2016, Waterfall, Fall

Ricketts Glen State Park

I’ve been to a lot of places. There is nothing, absolutely nothing like Ricketts Glen State Park. The last time I was there it was winter and the trail was completely frozen over (read about it here: Winter at Ricketts Glen). So I was excited to go back again and this time for the Fall colors! I was also really excited because I was taking my family to see a beautiful place that I so much enjoy! Lastly, I got to play with a new photo toy that I’ve been super jazzed about getting since I backed their Kickstarter, more on that later!

We arrived Friday night. It was cloudy and cold, so we decided to head to dinner and get some sleep before the next day. Saturday morning we woke early and made our way over to the park. It was slightly foggy, wet from the drizzle and cloudy. Perfect conditions! We grabbed a spot at the Lake Rose parking lot and headed down to the Glens. The walk down was full of fall colors. The show was spectacular and only got better. Choosing to go the Ganoga Glen we came to Mohawk Falls pretty quickly. It was flowing nicely and the colors outlined it very nicely. The next was Oneida. I think this was my favorite of the day, although it’s so hard to make up my mind. Flow was again fantastic and it was also dotted with the beautiful colors of fall. Oranges, yellows, and greens made the falls pop. We moved down the glen fairly fast but splitting up so I could make photos and they could get in a good hike. This allowed me time to think back to the winter I was here. I couldn’t believe that the ice was so thick that I could walk over what were now huge pools of water at the basin of each falls. It was weird to think about! Sometimes I would think to myself “Wow, I can’t believe I walked that close!” It’s so neat to see a place change over time and with each season. I’m definitely looking forward to more trips there throughout each season to see the changes.

Lastly, I’ve got a new tripod.. well not so much a tripod. Back in the summer I was looking for something that would be able to hold pro type gear, was really light for hiking, and could get really low. What I found was the PlatyPod Pro. They were running a kickstarter campaign and after watching their video, I was intrigued. So I backed them and I waited. I was really excited to get the shipping notification 2 weeks before our Ricketts Glen trip. I knew testing it there would be perfect. It was perfect because I would be able to get a super low profile for my shots and hope to capture a new perspective of a well photographed place. I would also be able to get close to the water. I love doing this often sticking my big tripod right in the water source. I was not disappointed in the performance of the PlatyPod Pro. The screw downs were stable and provided enough lift to be just out of the water when I needed. I’ll be testing this more and I’ll be sure to write a proper review.

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