Dense fog on LHHT

Quiet peaceful Sunset in Pennsylvania

It’s been a few months since my last blog post and I have quite a few photos to go back and edit. Let’s be real though, sometimes you just need to find your own space for peacefulness and quiet. For me this is unequivocally in nature, however it’s been harder and harder to get out. When I do, there is a strong drive to want the trail to myself. This has always been for me but even more so now.

We recently spent two nights in Bald Eagle State Park. To my delight I found a stunning spot for sunset. It was so quiet, just the sounds from the bugs, birds and frogs. This location was so inspiring that I went back two nights in a row and captured completely different feelings. These moments aren’t always available, I am humbled to have this experience. Something that I’m I’m ever grateful for.

With the sun falling behind the hills a mist started to rise and gently flow across the lake. I found myself lost in the moment of this, listening softly as the last chirps turned into the music of the frogs. To be able to capture this moment is always something special. Brights golds turned into muted purples as the evening set in.

Quiet Night

SLB Photography
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