Dense fog on LHHT
Pennsylvania Spring Sunrise

Early Spring Sunrise in Pennsylvania

Spring is such a joy, a time for renewal. Ever since I was little, after a long cold winter, I can remember hearing the birds in the morning. It’s something that I find to be comforting. Early spring even when it’s still dark outside, laying in bed and listening to the birds chirp. It signals the first of signs of Spring. That’s the same feeling I get when I’m out photographing in the Spring time, listening to the birds chirp before the sun comes up.

A few days after the weather had been in the 60s for a few days, I went out to the lake to capture sunrise. I’ve got two favorite spots, each for it’s own reasons. One is a little secluded where there are small docks to launch kayaks from, It’s a little cove with calm water and the other is the boat dock that sits right on the main part of the lake with trees lining the shores. When I arrived I wasn’t sure if the color would come, so I was running in between both spots until I saw the sun coming up over the ridge and color starting to pop.I ran behind the cabins to find a secluded spot to catch the sun over the trees. The light from the sun was strong, it illuminated the water and highlighted the fog rising from the still frozen lake. Steam fog or evaporation fog, occurs when the air above is colder than the water in a lake or other body of water.This is a neat phenomenon to capture. It can happen in any season and adds a bit of mystery to the morning.

Stay safe and please respect the outdoors.

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