Dense fog on LHHT

Beautiful sunrise at Ohiopyle State Park and Water Features

Ohiopyle State Park is a beautiful place for some quiet. The day I journeyed there was no exception. I had the great fortune of being able to go mid-week during the holiday season. I was feeling down and exhausted and not nearly ready to face the holiday onslaught. It seemed like the perfect time to head to Ohiopyle State Park, more specifically Baughmans Rock for sunrise. Winter sunrises are the best, sure it may be bitter cold, but the blue, pink, purple and orange hues are so beautiful and have a nicer look to them then in the summer. Baughmans Rock isn’t usually on my destination list when I’m planning a trip to Ohiopyle. I’m not really sure why as it’s a beautiful spot overlooking the mountains and railroad lines. It’s a perfect spot for sunrise in all seasons.

I had the joy of only running into one other person when visiting Baughmans Rock. He was super nice and was telling me he was just starting to get back out after knee surgery. I had realized that I forgot my filters and was hand-holding my ND filter when he came up and starting talking to me. I couldn’t really engage since I was concentrating on the filter, sorry!!! Hope we meet again and you’re fully healed from surgery.

From there I made my way to the water slides. It’s not often that I have the place to myself, but I did on that morning. The water slides are an insanely popular place no matter what the season. Some areas were starting to ice up and I had to be careful but overall not bad, only watching my step in certain spots. The water was really flowing which is always intriguing, the neat shots that one can get here. I can come here over and over.

The main goal for the trip was to hike to the cascades. It’s been a few years since I’ve hiked out to the cascades. The trail can be deceiving, in that you think you will arrive at the cascades much sooner then you do. By the time you reach the sign you still have a half a mile or so left. Nonetheless it’s a pretty spot and again I had the spot to myself. The water was rushing pretty good and the waterfall there was really flowing. It was very icy and tough to get to the spot I wanted. I didn’t have my ice spikes, so I made a pathway with the rocks that were already there to get to the middle of the cascades to better shoot the waterfall. Usually in the summer one can walk across the area at their leisure. In the winter though when things are icy falling and getting wet isn’t ideal, so remember to be very careful. All and all it was a beautiful day in the forest.

Treat the forest with respect always! Stay on trail and in places where people can go. Please don’t trample plants and flowers. Use the forest to heal your mind, body and soul.

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